Climax Critics Awards

What is Climax Critics Awards ?
A prestigious, virtual, film journal that's streamed every four months. In some ways, a modern film festival that resides on the internet and acts as an exclusive, pop-up streamer, with the mandate to propell an elite selection of independent cinema's finest new ouvres and emerging auteurs. Climax as an awarding body acts with a fusion of the institutional philosophies of the Critics Choice Movie Awards, Directors Notes and the European Film Awards, operated within peninsular Spain.
Climax Critics Awards engine lands its outmost winners and finalists a reach of 1M people, press currency with extensive coverage, and IMDb accredited awards with diplomas.
Climax Critics Awards institutional efforts are to collide the best of independent cinema with the most relevant, expert, critics and press outlets, followed by making the ouvres global through paid media's stream power.

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